Linda Petsoulis, M.A., L.P.

Linda is a licensed psychologist with 20+ years of experience. She specializes in working with:

  • Sexuality issues for all genders and ages
  • Psychosexual evaluations
  • Couples therapy
  • Healthy sexuality education
  • Sex offender treatment.


Christos Petsoulis, M.A., L.P.

Christos is a licensed psychologist with 20+ years of experience.  He specializes in working with:

  • Healthy sexuality education
  • Men's issues
  • Couples therapy
  • Compulsive pornography use
  • Sex offender treatment.


Chris Wright, MSEd

Chris specializes in working with:

  • Adult sex offenders
  • Adolescent sexl offenders
  • Special Needs sex offenders
  • Clients Struggling with pornography issues


Eve-Lynn Fellersen, MSEd.

Eve specializes in the following areas:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Law Enforcement Individual & Family Therapy
  • Adolescent & Adult Sexual Offender Treatment
  • Healthy sexuality psycho-education
  • Psychosexual Evaluations
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services
  • Clients with impairments, limitations & disabilities 


Dr. Napoleon Petsoulis, Psy.D., M.B.A.

Napoleon is a Postdoctoral resident who has experience assessing and treating a broad range of psychological disorders and issues. Napoleon specializes in:

  •       Adult & Adolescent sex offenders
  •       Individual Therapy 
  •       Psychosexual evaluations
  •       Diagnostic assessment
  •       Substance Abuse 
  •       Social emotional learning 
  •       Cognitive & Psychoeducational assessments   


Cailana Kadlec, M.A.

Cailana obtained a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Prior to Duluth Institute, Cailana was employed by Behavior Therapy Solutions of MN, in Woodbury, MN where she worked as a therapist for children with Autism.