Children's Reactive Sexuality Group

The goal of this program is to provide intervention and prevention measures for the maladaptive sexual behaviors of pre-adolescent children.  The program offers a highly structured therapeutic group (including behavioral, play, recreational and experiential modalities) and educational process to shape/condition positive, healthy boundaries and behavior.  It is likely that the children referred for this program have been exposed to some sort of inappropriate sexual situations or activities.  These children have likely begun to demonstrate developmentally inappropriate behaviors toward others such as through behavior, excessive sexual play, inappropriate comments or gestures and/or directing sexual molestation behaviors toward other children.  While the primary intervention in this program will be group process with the children, additional individual and family / caregiver education sessions will significantly support and complement the child's growing understanding and progress.

Goals for the program include:

  • Recognizing unhealthy boundaries and sexual behavior.
  • Understanding victimization experiences or exposure to experiences that have shaped unhealthy acting out.
  • Recognition of thought / feeling / behavior connection.
  • Recognizing feelings and impact on behavior.
  • Problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Relationship and social skills.
  • Reducing anger / aggression.
  • Self esteem.
  • Communication.